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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

13.04.21 09:10

The film Ghost Rider 2 is a fantastic Nonton Movie Online action movie, the plot of which continues the story of Johnny Blaze, who became the Spirit of Vengeance. Having subdued the demonic side to himself, he is no longer afraid of his essence, but he is in no hurry to use his super powers. But when the monk Moro turns to him for help, who asks to take the boy from the clutches of Mephistopheles, before he becomes the Antichrist, Blaze will have to risk it by releasing the Racer on his trail.

A hunt begins on the woman and her son Danny, in which a group of bandits supervised by Roarke, who is Blaise's old acquaintance Mephistopheles, as well as monks from a secret sect from where the heroes managed to escape, take part. They all need only a boy because of the powerful force that is hidden in him, and, remarkably, this power is drawn from Hell itself, because he is the son of Roark. Unsuccessful in their search, a monk named Moro turns to Johnny with a proposal: he finds Danny and returns him to them, and in return the monks free him from the demonic Racer. Blaze learns that the child is of great value and that he can become the Antichrist if he falls into the hands of Mephistopheles, who will not fail to take the chance, especially, according to Nadia, he has been planning his ascent since she became pregnant. But she also does not wish such a fate for her child, considering him the best that was in her life. Releasing the Racer, he takes Danny's trail, preparing to destroy everything in his path.

He will be greatly surprised to learn that Ghost Rider was previously an angel who fell into the hands of demons and was desecrated. However, he still has a chance to touch the divine essence. True, he can do this only at the end of his mission, for which it is worth watching the film Ghost Rider 2.

One significant difference between the second part and the first is the concentration of the action. Here it is an order of magnitude more, perhaps due to the fact that Neveldine and Taylor joined the work, to whom the world owes spectacular Adrenaline and Gamer. The love line also went away, but the Racer's origin story appeared. But overall, this movie is a classic sci-fi action movie, and if you like a movie like that, then start watching online as Ghost Rider 2.



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