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Video surveillance in a country house and at a summer cottage

13.04.21 09:23

The specificity of country houses and summer cottages from the point of view of ensuring the safety of property is that the owners or users use them for their intended purpose only from time to time - with breaks for a working week (weekend housing) or during the winter period (summer cottages, summer cottages). Accordingly, during periods when the object is empty, the risk of uninvited guests, in other words, theft and vandalism, increases.

Until recently, a strong fence and good locks on doors and gates were considered reliable measures of protection. However, they will not stop a modern burglar armed with a cordless power tool. If your country house or dacha is located on the territory of SNT or DNT, and the security is serious about their duties, you are in luck. It is also good to have friendly neighbors who will in time shugan lovers of someone else's strawberries from the site, and if an unfamiliar car stops at the gate in your absence, they will strictly ask the driver: "Who are you for?" However, in general, you have to rely only on your own security measures.

Video surveillance in a country house and at a summer cottage

One of the most obvious and affordable measures is to install a video monitoring system based on EZ-IP equipment to monitor the house and site. If we are talking about one or two cameras, you can do without a DVR: many models have a built-in storage for Micro SD memory cards, and you will get access to live and recorded video streams through a proprietary cloud service. It is important that in order to access the service organized according to the P2P (peer-to-peer) principle, you do not need to lease a static IP address through an Internet provider, or manipulate the ports of the router. And you can view images from cameras and archives recorded on cards through a regular browser on stationary PCs and laptops, or through an application for gadgets based on Google Android and Apple iOS / iPadOS operating systems. Most models of EZ-IP cameras work through a specialized free application gDMSS, and some models support the proprietary IMOU smart home application - for example, the Pasang CCTV Jakarta. With its Wi-Fi wireless interface, this camera is extremely easy to install, since no network cables are required.

The binding of the camera to the service is based on the data on its unique identifier, which is assigned by the manufacturer. To connect to the "cloud", you can enter the data manually or scan the QR code present on the package and in the documentation for the device. For outdoor surveillance of a gate or a wicket, you can choose, for example, a compact outdoor camera EZ-IPC-T1B20P-LED - it uses advanced Full Color technology, which allows you to obtain color images even in deep twilight, and in complete darkness automatically turns on the built-in floodlight on infrared rays invisible to the eye.

You can use a free cloud direct connection (P2P) service in a larger system based on a DVR. The most interesting and versatile version of the so-called hybrid recorder (XVR), which allows you to record video from all existing types of standard CCTV cameras. A model such as the EZ-XVR1A04, which is formally considered four-channel, allows simultaneous recording from nine cameras - four of them are connected to the coaxial inputs of the devices, and five more network cameras can be connected to the Ethernet port of the device. The multi-format recorder will allow you to use analog cameras - it makes sense to install them on the perimeter or mount them to the outer wall of the house. In case of loss or disabling of such a camera, the damage will be significantly less, and in terms of image quality, modern analog cameras are only slightly inferior to network cameras. When using analog cameras in conjunction with an XVR video recorder, the system in some cases can be cheaper than installing several independently connected IP cameras.

According to their intended purpose, cameras provide the ability to observe and record - however, the very fact of their presence at the facility, as you know, is a measure of impact on potential intruders. Getting on video is almost tantamount to being caught red-handed: high-quality footage will help both identify the burglar and bring appropriate charges against him in court. Cameras and scrap metal collectors, who often "patrol" the territory in search of ownerless or "badly lying" metal objects and structural elements, will be scared away. The only question is to ensure the safety of the cameras themselves - in particular, you should carefully choose the places of their installation (for example, so that the lens cannot be blocked, remaining out of the field of view of all installed cameras). Integration of cameras with burglar alarms has also proven itself well: for example, the EZ-IPC-C1B20P-POE model is equipped with an alarm input and output. This allows



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